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Εquine skull specimens request

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Vienna! I am looking for uncommon equine skull specimens and hope that you may know the whereabouts of one or two. My fingers are crossed.

I am in the process of setting up a study in equid cheek tooth wear. Whilst coming across various wear abnormalities in clinical cases is not uncommon, finding dry skulls meeting my criteria is proving more challenging.

I am looking for skulls from equids that had:

an obviously painful, unilateral condition present in one of the jaws when they died which is likely to have affected the way the animal chewed on that side, and a relatively normal/healthy contralateral side with a normal occlusal wear pattern.

Examples of conditions that may lead to a unilateral chewing problem include:

  • tumour involving bone,
  • unhealed unilateral fracture of the jaw,
  • apical periodontitis of one tooth,
  • severe malocclusion resulting in soft tissue and possibly bony interference – generally excluding periodontal cases as often bilateral.

An upper and lower jaw together is ideal but not necessary. Any information regarding a specimen would be much appreciated, eg:

  • signalment
  • reason for death
  • anamnesis
  • previous diagnoses and treatments
  • date of death, etc.

The plan is to collect detailed impressions of the cheek tooth rows, a description of the condition and photographs. It is not necessary for the specimen to leave its home. How the dental impressions, etc, will be obtained will be determined once an idea of numbers and locations is gathered.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this project. All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged. Please feel free to forward this request on to those who may have suitable specimens – it would be most appreciated.

Kindest regards,



PS – Please reply to the email address below. Thanks!

Robert Menzies BVSc Dipl.AVDC Dipl.EVDC


University of Veterinary Medicine – Vienna