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About the ECVP

Our History

The European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP) was established in 1995 to advance veterinary pathology and promote high standards within the specialty in Europe. Specialisation by members of the veterinary profession results in more competent service to the public and to institutions and increases the prestige and usefulness of the profession. The ECVP represents an organised effort to establish criteria for training and experience to qualify as a specialist in veterinary pathology. The organisation encourages veterinarians entering veterinary pathology to acquire training and competence based on approved standards. Those who meet the standards of training and competence established by the College will be awarded a suitable certificate. A list of diplomates is maintained for guidance of institutions and the public.

Our Objectives

  1. To further scientific progress in veterinary pathology
  2. To establish standards of training, experience and examination for qualification as a specialist in veterinary pathology
  3. To further the recognition of such qualified specialists by suitable certification and other means.

Significance of Certification

The European College of Veterinary Pathologists was established on September 28th 1995 in Edinburgh with the objectives of furthering progress in the science and practice of veterinary pathology and of establishing standards of training experience which merit recognition of qualified specialists in that field.
The candidates are accepted into the organisation on the basis of exacting professional requirements which fit him/her for a highly specialised service. The European College of Veterinary Pathologists realises, too, that in identifying an individual as meeting these requirements it stakes its reputation on his/her conscientious rendering of such service and on the commitment of its Diplomates to their own Continuing Professional Development to maintain the College’s high standards.

Training/employment opportunities

For examples of some of the opportunities in training and employment in veterinary pathology visit our dedicated page.


Last Updated: October 21st, 2021