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August 2008

Suppurative bronchopneumonia and Muellerius capillaris-like larvae parasites

Animal: goat, female, adult.

History: The animal comes from a herd with a chronic respiratory disease, diagnosed by clinicians. It was treated with antibiotics two weeks prior to the necropsy. Unexpectedly, the respiratory disease became acute, and the animal died 24 hours later.

Necropsy findings: The main lesions were in the lungs. Cranial and ventral consolidations of the lungs were obvious, and fibrino-purulent exudates filled the bronchioles. Multiple and small gray nodules were in subpleural location, mainly in dorso-caudal regions.

Histopathological findings: Neutrophils filled the alveoli and bronchioles. Muellerius-like larvae were seen in small bronchioles and alveoli (small square in the picture). In the areas where the neutrophilic infiltration was less evident, we could see smooth muscle hyperplasia and thickened alveolar septa.

Morphological diagnosis: Suppurative bronchopneumonia and Muellerius capillaris-like larvae parasites.

Authors: José María Nieto and Daniel Failde. Dpto. De Ciencias Clínicas Veterinarias. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. 27002 Lugo. Spain