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  • May 2022

    May 2022

    Animal: Horse, Warmblood, 12 years old, female Organ: Lung History: Owner noticed progressive emaciation 3 months ago. After 1 month, fluctuating hyperthermia with general weakness and tremors appeared. Radiographs showed multiple pulmonary nodules. The animal did not respond […]

  • April 2022

    April 2022

    Animal: karakul sheep (Ovis aries), 3 years, female Organ: Esophagus History: The sheep collapsed with no prior clinical signs. After subsequent, separate housing, the general condition deteriorated so that the animal had to be euthanized. […]

  • March 2022

    March 2022

    SIGNALMENT Tissue form a 15-y-old female Basenji dog, with diffuse alopecia with pruritus MD Severe diffuse chronic epidermal hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis with mild eosinophilic and lymphoplasmacytic perivascular to interstitial dermatitis and numerous intracorneal mites and eggs, consistent […]

  • February 2022

    February 2022

    Animal: Dog, mixed-breed, female, 13-years-old Organ: Haired skin History:  The dog had a paravaginal subcutaneous mass. Macroscopical findings: Sample of skin and subcutis with a 3-cm-large soft, whitish, multilobular subcutaneous neoformation. Histopathological findings: Subcutaneous infiltrating multilobular neoplasm, from densely […]

  • January 2022

    January 2022

    Animal: 6 years old, female, Breed Rasa Aragonesa, Ovine (Ovis aries). History: Animal with history of chronic rhinitis. The physical findings revealed marked dyspnea, and weakness, the veterinarian applied the proper euthanasia. Gross findings: In […]

  • December 2021

    December 2021

    Animal: Cat, British shorthair, 4.5 years old, neutered female Organ: Heart History: Owner noticed bloody urine and diarrhea. In the clinic the cat displayed severe weakness, bilateral pleural effusion (transudate with 22g/L protein), neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. The Rivalta […]

  • November 2021

    November 2021

    Animal: Canine Organ: Nasal turbinates History: Nasal biopsy submitted without case history. Fungal culture was positive for Aspergillus spp. Histopathological findings: A moderate number of bony trabeculae predominantly with irregular margins and empty osteocyte lacunae (necrotic spicules) are […]

  • October 2021

    October 2021

    Animal: Pig (Sus scrofa) Organ: Heart –  Left atrioventricular valve Necropsy findings/diagnosis: Severe, valvular, vegetative, verrucous endocarditis of the mitralvalve. Pathogenesis: The pathogenesis of bacterial endocarditis  is complex. The formation of infectious endocarditis lesions involves […]

  • September 2021

    September 2021

    Animal: Pig, Pietrain crossbred, 15-weeks-old Organ: Kidney History:  Kidney was submitted without case history. A quantitative PCR for porcine circovirus 2 was performed (PCV2) (1,67 x 10 EXP 14 copies/g) Macroscopical findings: Pale kidney with cortical petechiae Histopathological […]

  • August 2021

    August 2021

    Animal: a 11-year-old, neutered female, Labrador Retriever dog.  Organ: cervical spinal cord.  History: nonambulatory paresia of the hindlegs and the left foreleg, with a 3-day history of loss of proprioception. Presence of left-sided Horner’s syndrome.  […]

  • July 2021

    July 2021

    Animal: 8-year-old, neutered male, Siamese, cat Organ: Subcutis History: One week before initial presentation, owners noticed a right subcutaneous inguinal mass. Clinicians described a non-painful, non-ulcerated, subcutaneous, 12 x 7 cm mass. A fibrosarcoma was […]