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  • January 2023

    January 2023

    Animal: Dog (Canis lupus familiaris), German Spitz, 4 years, male Organ: Brain History: The dog presented to the veterinarian with a circumferential mass on the left shoulder. Furthermore, the owners reported that the animal has […]

  • December 2022

    December 2022

    Signalment: 11-y-old male entire West Highland White Terrier dog. MD: Peritoneal carcinomatosis with abdominal hematic effusion. Comment: fragments from testicular parenchyma, epididymis and spermatic cord with whitish, hard foci were initially submitted from this patient. […]

  • November 2022

    November 2022

    Animal: Adult, 12-year-old Saanen goat Organ: Uterus Diagnosis: Hydrometra, uterus Findings: The uterus is filled with thin aseptic fluid, and depending on the hydration properties of the mucin, the fluid can be more viscous (i.e., mucometra). Comments: Prolonged exposure […]

  • October 2022

    October 2022

    Animal: Domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), 9-month-old, female. Organ: Right eye. History: The right eye was enucleated and sent for histopathologic examination due to suspected uveitis of two weeks of duration. There were no other remarkable findings on clinical examination. […]

  • September 2022

    September 2022

    Animal: Canine, 6 years old Organ: Small intestine History: Vomiting, anorexia, multiple intestinal masses, resection of the pathological segments Macroscopical findings: 2 jejunal segments of 35 cm respectively 7 cm in length, with 5 masses […]

  • August 2022

    August 2022

    Animal: Ovine (Ovis aries), Merina breed, female, 7 years old. Organ: Liver History: Animal from an extensive breeding farm with non-diarrheic, chronic progressive wasting affecting animals from one year and beyond. This case presented mixed dyspnea, strong productive […]

  • July 2022

    July 2022

    Animal: Dog (Canis lupus familiaris), Caucasian Shepherd, 8-year-old, female. Organ: Lung, pulmonary artery. History: Severe dyspnea, anorexia, apathy, coughing, and exercise intolerance. The dog lived in an area surrounded by industrial fish farming pools. Necropsy findings: Postmortem changes consisted […]

  • June 2022

    June 2022

    Animal: Bovine, 1-year-old Organ: Lung History:  Formalin-fixed lung was submitted. There was a case history of acute respiratory distress with a rapid fatal outcome. A PCR-kit for 7 respiratory pathogens was performed. The results were positive for […]

  • May 2022

    May 2022

    Animal: Horse, Warmblood, 12 years old, female Organ: Lung History: Owner noticed progressive emaciation 3 months ago. After 1 month, fluctuating hyperthermia with general weakness and tremors appeared. Radiographs showed multiple pulmonary nodules. The animal did not respond […]

  • April 2022

    April 2022

    Animal: karakul sheep (Ovis aries), 3 years, female Organ: Esophagus History: The sheep collapsed with no prior clinical signs. After subsequent, separate housing, the general condition deteriorated so that the animal had to be euthanized. […]

  • March 2022

    March 2022

    SIGNALMENT Tissue form a 15-y-old female Basenji dog, with diffuse alopecia with pruritus MD Severe diffuse chronic epidermal hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis with mild eosinophilic and lymphoplasmacytic perivascular to interstitial dermatitis and numerous intracorneal mites and eggs, consistent […]