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  • September 2020

    September 2020

    Diagnosis: Striped dolphin. Lung. Severe, multifocal, chronic, bronchointerstitial pneumonia. Moderate, multifocal, subacute, pyogranulomatous bronchopneumonia with intralesional nematodes. Detailed information Animal: Adult, male, striped dolphin. Organ: Thoracic cavity and lung. History: The animal stranded alive with neurological signs, died soon […]

  • August 2020

    August 2020

    Red Kite: Tongue, intraepithelial nematode eggs consistent with Capillaria-like sp. (Eucoleus dispar), without inflammatory reaction of the host Animal: Red Kite (Milvus milvus), adult, female. Organ: Tongue. History: The animal was submitted to necropsy to […]

  • July 2020

    July 2020

    Horse, Hanoverian thoroughbred: hoof, moderate, multifocal, acute necrosis of secondary epidermal lamellae with scattered neutrophil infiltration and hyaline thrombi (Pododermatitis aseptica diffusa acuta) Animal: Horse, Hanoverian thoroughbred mare, 10 years, 480 kg Organ: hoof, left […]

  • June 2020

    June 2020

    Cat (Felis catus): Kidney, adenocarcinoma (metastasis form a pulmonary adenocarcinoma). Animal: Cat (Felis catus), adult, female Organ: Kidney History: The animal was submitted to necropsy to determine the cause of death. Autopsy findings: The lung […]

  • May 2020

    May 2020

    Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta): Oesophagus, normal. Animal: Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), young adult, female Organ: Oesophagus History: The animal was submitted to necropsy to determine the cause of death. Animal was found dead […]

  • May 2017

    May 2017

    Turkey: Tibial dyschondroplasia Animal: Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), 80 days old. Diagnoses: Tibiotarsus: Tibial dyschondroplasia. Description: Sagittal section of tibiotarsus after decalcification. There is a plug of cartilage in the physeal region. Comments: This animal was […]

  • February 2017

    February 2017

    Cat Skin: Cowpox Dermatitis H&E (40x obj) Animal: Cat, 6 yr old, neutered female, Domestic Short Hair. Organ: Skin Submission history: a week’s history of an ulcer on the right side of the face which […]

  • January 2017

    January 2017

    Dog: Benign Prostatic hyperplasia Signalment: Juvenile male entire Beagle dog Diagnosis: Benign prostatic hyperplasia Description: Moderate, bilateral and symmetric enlargement of the entire prostate. The diagnosis was confirmed histologically as benign prostatic hyperplasia with acute […]

  • December 2016

    December 2016

    Seal: Poxviral dermatitis History: 18kg male stranded grey seal pup submitted to a Scottish rehabilitation centre Diagnosis: Seal poxviral dermatitis Description: Moderate, multifocal, proliferative and ulcerative dermatitis on the palmar aspect of the anterior flipper. […]