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  • February 2007

    February 2007

    Bovine myocardium: Epithelial inclusions Detailed information. Animal: Bovine, female, 3 years old. Organ: Heart. History: Abattoir specimen submitted for laboratory examination from meat inspection due to whitish, discrete lesions in the myocardium of a healthy, […]

  • January 2007

    January 2007

    Dog skin: Mast cell tumour Detailed information. Animal: Dog, 8 years, bull mastiff, male Organ: Skin History: The animal developed skin tumours on the right side of the chest and left side of the abdomen, […]

  • December 2006

    December 2006

    Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, tongue, dog Detailed information. Animal: Canine, Crossbred, 6 Months old, male. Organ: Lingual biopsy. Diagnosis: Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, tongue, dog. Case By: Judith Hargreaves Photo by: Richard Fox

  • November 2006

    November 2006

    Malignant amelanotic melanoma, oral mucosa, dog Detailed information. Animal: Canine, giant schnauzer (salt&pepper), 9 years, male. Organ: Oral biopsy. History: The dog developed av grayish, firm, multilobulated tumour on the inside of the upper lip. […]

  • October 2006

    October 2006

    Horse aorta: Verminous aortitis, Strongylus vulgaris Detailed information. Animal: Equine, adult, Spanish horse, female Organ: Aorta History: Presented to the hospital with dyspnoea, colic syndrome and hyperthermia. Died despite treatment. Autopsy findings: Multiple hemorrhages at […]

  • September 2006

    September 2006

    Dog skin: Squamous cell carcinoma Detailed information. Animal: Dog, large poodle, 11 years, male. Organ: Skin History: A skin tumour was removed from the left side of the chest. Histological findings: An aggressively proliferating squamous […]

  • July 2006

    July 2006

    Dog, Doberman Pinscher: Ligneous Conjunctivitis Detailed information. Animal: Dog, Doberman Pinscher, 9 yr old male. Organ: Nictitating Membrane (PAS stain) History: Chronic nictitans membrane swelling with mucopurulent occular discharge and episcleral vasular hyperaemia. Histological findings: […]

  • June 2006

    June 2006

    Bovine heart: Fibrinopurulent pericarditis, caused by traumatic reticulperitonitis Detailed information. Animal: Cattle, Norwegian Red Cattle, 2 years, heifer. Organ: Heart History: Unthriftiness, fever. Autopsy findings: The reticulum was adherent to the diaphragm. Through the adherence, […]

  • May 2006

    May 2006

    Dog Kidney: Oxalate nephropathy. Detailed information. Animal: Dog, Tibetan Spaniel, 6 weeks, female Organ: Kidney History: Two pups in a previous litter of three pups, had died at six-and-a-half and nine weeks of age with […]

  • April 2006

    April 2006

    Sheep small intestines: Pigmented Johnes Disease Detailed information. Species & breed: Sheep, adult, Scottish blackface, female. Organ: Small intestine History: Chronic loss of weight and diarrhoea. Autopsy findings (excerpt): The small intestines were thickened and […]

  • March 2006

    March 2006

    Cattle brain: Malignant catarrhal fever Detailed information. Animal: Cow, Norwegian red cattle Organ: Brain History: 2 year old bull, small for its age. Increased heart and respiratory rate, reduced appetite, dehydrated. Multiple skin vesicles with […]