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  • February 2022

    February 2022

    Animal: Dog, mixed-breed, female, 13-years-old Organ: Haired skin History:  The dog had a paravaginal subcutaneous mass. Macroscopical findings: Sample of skin and subcutis with a 3-cm-large soft, whitish, multilobular subcutaneous neoformation. Histopathological findings: Subcutaneous infiltrating multilobular neoplasm, from densely […]

  • January 2022

    January 2022

    Animal: 6 years old, female, Breed Rasa Aragonesa, Ovine (Ovis aries). History: Animal with history of chronic rhinitis. The physical findings revealed marked dyspnea, and weakness, the veterinarian applied the proper euthanasia. Gross findings: In […]

  • December 2021

    December 2021

    Animal: Cat, British shorthair, 4.5 years old, neutered female Organ: Heart History: Owner noticed bloody urine and diarrhea. In the clinic the cat displayed severe weakness, bilateral pleural effusion (transudate with 22g/L protein), neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. The Rivalta […]

  • November 2021

    November 2021

    Animal: Canine Organ: Nasal turbinates History: Nasal biopsy submitted without case history. Fungal culture was positive for Aspergillus spp. Histopathological findings: A moderate number of bony trabeculae predominantly with irregular margins and empty osteocyte lacunae (necrotic spicules) are […]

  • October 2021

    October 2021

    Animal: Pig (Sus scrofa) Organ: Heart –  Left atrioventricular valve Necropsy findings/diagnosis: Severe, valvular, vegetative, verrucous endocarditis of the mitralvalve. Pathogenesis: The pathogenesis of bacterial endocarditis  is complex. The formation of infectious endocarditis lesions involves […]

  • September 2021

    September 2021

    Animal: Pig, Pietrain crossbred, 15-weeks-old Organ: Kidney History:  Kidney was submitted without case history. A quantitative PCR for porcine circovirus 2 was performed (PCV2) (1,67 x 10 EXP 14 copies/g) Macroscopical findings: Pale kidney with cortical petechiae Histopathological […]

  • August 2021

    August 2021

    Animal: a 11-year-old, neutered female, Labrador Retriever dog.  Organ: cervical spinal cord.  History: nonambulatory paresia of the hindlegs and the left foreleg, with a 3-day history of loss of proprioception. Presence of left-sided Horner’s syndrome.  […]

  • July 2021

    July 2021

    Animal: 8-year-old, neutered male, Siamese, cat Organ: Subcutis History: One week before initial presentation, owners noticed a right subcutaneous inguinal mass. Clinicians described a non-painful, non-ulcerated, subcutaneous, 12 x 7 cm mass. A fibrosarcoma was […]

  • June 2021

    June 2021

    Animal: Bos taurus, Holstein Friesian, 1 day, female Organ: Brain History: Congenital neurological signs of intermittent opisthotonos and tremor particularly when moving its head. Autopsy findings: The cerebellum lacked defined vermis and hemispheres and consisted […]

  • May 2021

    May 2021

      Animal: 3-year-old, female, budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) Organ: Skin History: 2 cm cutaneous mass on the ventral abdominal skin. Similar lesions have been observed in other birds. Histopathological findings: There is diffuse infiltration of the […]

  • April 2021

    April 2021

      Diagnosis:  Cat, skin: Dermatitis, deep, nodular, granulomatous, marked, with intralesional, intracytoplasmic yeasts (consistent with Histoplasma sp.). Animal: 1-year-old, female neutered, European shorthair History: Dome-shaped mass in the area of the left hind foot, 5th […]