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Congratulations to our new Diplomates!

The exam took place in Ghent, Belgium on 13th to 15th of February 2023.

There were 53 candidates from training centres all over Europe with 31 new candidates (24 in full exam format and 7 in split exam format) and 22 candidates who had passed at least 2 sections in previous years and were sitting the remaining sections.

22 candidates became new Diplomates (59% of the 37 potential new Diplomates this year).

Lucia Barreno San Antolin

Florian Bartenschlager

Valeria Bertani

Diana Bochynska

Theresa Brömel

Margaux Coste

Matteo Gambini

Giuseppe Giglia

Michelle Imlau

Eva Leitzen

Kemal Mehinagic

Rute Noiva

Margherita Orlandi

Valeria Pellegrino

Ester Pintado

Francesco Prisco

Andrea Renzi

Peter Richards-Rios

Melanie Stoff

Rachel Thomas

Corina Toma

Edgar Guillermo Valdivia Lara


14 additional candidates have passed at least 2 sections and will be able to carry those over to the following years.

More details on exam results will be provided at our General Meeting at the Congress in Lisbon.

Thank you to all of the ECVP members (Exam Committee members, local organizer, external invigilators, Diplomates submitting questions) who contributed to the preparation and realization of this exam and, again, congratulations to our new Diplomates.