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December 2020

Wild boar (Sus scrofa): brain, abscess


Animal: Wild boar (Sus scrofa), adult, male

Organ: brain

History: The animal showed apathy, circling and was fearless of human beings. It was shoot and submitted for necropsy.

Autopsy findings: On the left frontal bone (Os frontale) of the head a 0.8cm in diameter measuring hole filled with granulation tissue was present. Especially left-handed in the brain a local abscess measuring 3.0 cm in diameter could be detected which were in contact to the described granulation tissue. At the bottom of the abscess residues of a foreign canine tooth (dens caninus) was present.

Diagnosis: Brain, sever, purulent encephalitis with abscess formation

Necropsy performed by: Sven Kleinschmidt

Photo by: Sven Kleinschmidt