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ECVP exam 2021 important information

October 15th 2020

Candidates of the 2021 ECVP Examination

ECVP residency programme directors

as a result of the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic with extension of the measures to contain the spread of the virus including confinements, extension of quarantine measures, and travelling limitations all over Europe, after careful consideration, the ECVP Council and Examination Committee have opted to postpone the ECVP examination. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the following changes:

  • The ECVP exam will be postponed to June 2021. The exact date will be communicated within shortly.
  • We plan to maintain the venue of the exam in Gent, Belgium.
  • The reading list for the 2021 Examination will not be subject to expansion nor modifications.
  • Please book only fully refundable travel arrangements.

Please be reminded that withdrawal from the 2021 examination at any time up to the examination date will not be considered an attempt or failure to sit all or any section(s) of the exam. It will not count as one of the years for which repeat candidates are eligible to pass any previously failed section(s). In case of withdrawal, the ECVP will, at the candidates’ direction, either refund or transfer all 2021 registration fees to the 2022 examination.

We understand that this decision may be disruptive however, we assure you that it was not taken lightly, but rather with the primary aim to guarantee safety of the candidates and Examination Committee members.

Kind regards,

Prof Dr Giancarlo Avallone
Chair ECVP Examination Committee