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European IDEXX Pathology Days 2018

You are a resident of clinical or anatomic veterinary pathology.
You would like to visit one of the biggest laboratories worldwide for veterinary diagnostics?
You would like to gain insight in the challenging day to day work and the operation methods of
our experienced diagnostic pathologists?

We invite you to come to Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart) on June 06/07/08, 2018
You will arrive in the afternoon of June 06, 2017 in Ludwigsburg. During a casual dinner, you will
meet staff members of our pathology team. On June 07, we will start with an exciting tour
through our laboratory where you have the chance to get insights into our diagnostic procedures.
Afterwards you have the opportunity to meet with our in-house pathology team and discuss
interesting cases with international team members. We end the day with having dinner together
in a nice restaurant. You will travel back to your home destination on June 08.

All expenses paid!
All costs including travel, overnight stay in a hotel, and meals will be covered by IDEXX.
Please register until latest May 14, 2018 with nicole-hammer-kohler@idexx.com
For questions, please contact
Nicole Hammer-Kohler, International Veterinary Professionals Talent Acquisition,
Phone +49 175 5720393 or
Dr. Benno Nothelfer, Veterinary Pathologist, Regional Head of Pathology GE/CH,
Phone +49 160 5328103

We look forward to meeting you in Ludwigsburg!


Invitation available for download 

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