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Application information

An application form is available online and requires the signature of a Diplomate of the College, who sponsors the candidate by certifying that training has been followed to permit sitting for the examination. The Sponsor, the Programme Director and the Supervisor may be the same individual.

Submit your Exam Application

  Exam Application (66.2 KiB, 94 hits)

For candidates who apply for the first time to exam (full or split format) and for candidates who did not validate at least 2 sections of the exam.

  Retake Exam Application (61.2 KiB, 253 hits)

For candidates who have validated at least 2 sections of the exam (full or split format):

Completed application forms accompanied by the examination fee* of €600 (candidates who intend to take the full or split examination – first attempt or after not validating at least 2 sections of the exam) or €300 (candidates who have validated at least 2 sections of the exam and who intend to retake sections of the examination that they failed in previous years or complete the split format of the exam) must be received by the ECVP Office, postmarked not later than August 1st preceding the year of examination.

If you are uncertain of your eligibility to take the exam, please complete our quick eligibility check and feedback will be provided on your current position.

  Exam Quick Eligibility Check (47.8 KiB, 141 hits)

An application is valid for one year only.

The signing sponsor should be the person most responsible for the candidate’s training. When this is not possible the applicant should provide an appropriate explanation to the Council. In cases where the supervisor of training is not a Diplomate of the ECVP (or ACVP) (i.e. alternative route), the signature of a Diplomate must be obtained to signify that the training has been reviewed for adequacy and is consistent with requirements of the College.

*To download payment details for payment by bank transfer or credit cards click below. Payment details should be submitted to the ECVP Office.

  Exam Fee (153.4 KiB, 304 hits)

Eligibility to sit the examination is determined in early October; applicants are promptly notified as to acceptance. If the applicant’s credentials are not accepted, or if candidates withdraw from the examination prior to December 1st, fees are refunded, except for a 10 percent processing charge. No refunds are made after this date.


The general requirements of the College Examination are that the eligible candidate must:

  1. have satisfactory standing in the profession
  2. be qualified to practice veterinary medicine in a European country and received their veterinary qualification from an EAEVE-approved establishment or presents evidence of veterinary education and training which in the judgement of the Council is an equivalent qualification.
  3. have worked or undergone training as a veterinarian in a field relevant to veterinary pathology (“internship”) for at least one (1) year subsequent to graduation from veterinary school.
  4. have then completed at least three (3) years of supervised training in a pathology training programme that is acceptable to the Council or have completed an alternative training programme approved by the College.
  5. have published, as first author or co-author, at least two original papers (in English) in the broad field of veterinary pathology in peer-reviewed journals of international repute. A thesis or monograph will not be accepted as a publication. One of the two papers must have been accepted by the time of application to take the ECVP certifying exam (01 August of the year prior to the examination). A second manuscript can be under review at the time of application. In cases where the second paper has not been accepted prior to the examination (01 February) and the candidate passes the examination, the candidate will only be declared and registered as Diplomate of the ECVP once providing proof that the second paper is accepted. Acceptance of the second publication needs to be confirmed no later than 6 months after 1st of February of the same year (31 July)

The final requirement to obtain the full credentials is having passed at least two sections of the exam. If a candidate fails to pass 2 sections, he/she has to resubmit a new application and this attendance is not considered as an attempt

(See also sections “Guide for Training Sponsors” and “Exam Structure and Organisation”)

An individual who has received an unfavorable ruling regarding qualifications to sit the examination may appeal against this decision. Such an appeal must be received in writing to the secretary within 30 days of the date of the letter informing the individual of the unfavorable decision.

(For exam passing rules see section “Exam Strucure and Organisation”).


Last Updated: December 13th, 2022