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Exam Application

Application information

An application form is available online and requires the signature of the Sponsor and the Applicant.

  Full Exam Application (52.3 KiB, 3,670 hits)

  Retake Application (96.8 KiB, 1,876 hits)

Submit your Exam Application

If you are uncertain of your eligibility to take the exam, please complete our quick eligibility check and feedback will be provided on your current position.

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An application is valid for only one year.

The signing Sponsor should be the person most responsible for the candidate’s training. When this is not possible the applicant should provide an appropriate explanation to the Council.

Completed application forms accompanied by the examination fee of 600 EUROS (candidates who sit the examination for the first time (full or split format)) or 300 EUROS (candidates who have validated sections of the examination and who intend to retake sections of the examination) must be received by the ECVP Office, not later than 1st August preceding the year of examination.

  Exam Fee (253.3 KiB, 2,348 hits)

Eligibility to sit the examination is determined by the Council in early October; applicants are promptly notified as to acceptance. If the applicant’s credentials are not accepted, or if candidates withdraw from the examination prior to 1st December, fees are refunded, except for a 10 percent processing charge. No refunds are made after this date.

An individual who has received an unfavorable ruling regarding qualifications to sit the examination may appeal against this decision. Such an appeal must be received in writing to the secretary within 30 days of the date of the letter informing the individual of the unfavorable decision.


Withdrawal prior to the examination or failure to appear for the examination will not constitute an attempt to sit all or any part(s) of the exam, but will count as one of the years for which repeat candidates are eligible to pass any previously failed part(s). A candidate’s illness during preparation for, or during the actual examination, will not be considered a valid reason to waive the rules of the College. In the event a candidate starts, but is unable to complete the examination, results will be determined for all sections for which the candidate is scheduled, regardless of the number of sections completed.


Last Updated: July 8th, 2019