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Examination 2019 – Results Summary

The exam took place in Ghent, Belgium on February 11th-13st, 2019.

There were 46 candidates from all over Europe:
– 35 new candidates (28 in full exam format and 7 in split exam format)
– 11 candidates who had passed at least 2 parts in previous years and were retaking the remaining ones

22 candidates became new Diplomates (58% of the 38 potential new Diplomates this year)

Javier Asin Jessica Molin
Ines Margarida Berenguer Veiga Laura Nordio
Heloise Bilbault Ilaria Porcellato
Charlotte Boyer Oscar Quesada-Canales
Nermin Caliskan Alice Reginato
Albert Canturri Lucile Sautier
Emilie Cloup Janne Schoening
Elie Dagher Sara Turchetto
Simon De Neck Norbert van de Velde
Murielle Hurion Han Versnaeyen
Saskia Keller Gaia Vichi


20 additional candidates have passed at least 2 parts and will be able to carry those over to the following years.

The passing results by exam part were as follows:

Histo Gross Gen Path Vet Path Compreh.
Candidates 38 35 36 34 35
Passed 28 32 23 21 27
% 74 91 64 62 77

More details on exam results will be provided at our Annual General Meeting.

Thank you to all of the ECVP members who contributed to the preparation of this exam and, again, congratulations to our new Diplomates.