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Examination 2020 – Results Summary

The exam took place in Ghent, Belgium on February 10th-12 th, 2020.

There were 39 candidates from all over Europe:
– 21 new candidates (19 in full exam format and 2 in split exam format)
– 18 candidates who had passed at least 2 sections in previous years and were retaking the remaining ones

18 candidates became new Diplomates (51% of the 35 potential new Diplomates this year)

Becker Kathrin Labrut Sophie
Blatter Sohvi Tuulikki Le Dudal Marine
Burrai Giovanni Levi Michela
Chocteau Florian Pagano Teresa Bruna
Crosby-Durrani Hayley Ellen Sabattini Silvia
Dervas Eva Saucedo Bernardo
Gasparini Stefania Šoštarić-Zuckermann Ivan-Conrado
Haverkamp Ann-Kathrin Waine Katie
Kegler Kristel Wyrzykowski Bérengère


20 additional candidates have passed at least 2 sections and will be able to carry those over to the following years.

The passing results by exam section were as follows:

Histo Gross Gen Path Vet Path Comprehensive
Candidates 28 21 29 34 29
Passed 22 18 20 20 24
% 78,6 85,7 69,0 58,8 82,8

More details on exam results will be provided at our Annual General Meeting.

Thank you to all of the ECVP members who contributed to the preparation of this exam and, again, congratulations to our new Diplomates.