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February 2007

Bovine myocardium: Epithelial inclusions

Detailed information.

Animal: Bovine, female, 3 years old.

Organ: Heart.

History: Abattoir specimen submitted for laboratory examination from meat inspection due to whitish, discrete lesions in the myocardium of a healthy, slaughtered cow.

Histological description: Acinar and tubular structures lined by a single layered epithelium localised in a nodular, non-encapsulated process in a collagen rich tissue. There was no cellular atypia, thrombi in vessels or other lesions throughout the myocardium.

Diagnosis: Epithelial inclusions, bovine myocardium.

Autopsy: Dr. Øyvor Kolbjørnsen, National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway

Photo: Dr. Øyvor Kolbjørnsen