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Histology Slide Database FAQ


The Education Committee, with the support from the Marie Curie Actions grant (ECVP & ESVP colaboration), has built up a Histology Slide Collection from the material of the previous Summer Schools. With every Summer School, the collection will be growing. We now want to make this valuable material available for every ECVP registered trainee and every diplomate, as a source for revision and teaching.


The links on the Slide Database page lead you to the Slide Collection and allows you to select slides that you can order from the ECVP. For training purposes, you can select slides from a list that does not provide a histological diagnosis, but allows you to choose according to species, organs, Summer School modules etc. A second list will include a brief histopathologic diagnosis, in case you are interested in comparative material or search for some teaching material.


The slides can be ordered (maximum of 50) from Irini Thanou, Administrative Assistant, ECVP Office. We aim for a return within three months, but longer time periods, for example, during exam preparation periods, can be pre-arranged. There is a small charge of €10 to cover postal charges and transport material. Any slides broken or missing upon return will be charged at €10 per slide. Please be aware slides will not be posted during December due to the increased risk of loss/damage. If you require slides for examination preparation, please ensure you order prior to December.

We hope you appreciate this valuable material and make extensive use of it.

For futher details please contact:

ECVP Office
Bernadeta Kieromin
Administrative Assistant
Email:  admin@ecvpath.org


Last Updated: November 18th, 2021