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Please click on the links below to browse the slide database. The link will open a new window with a list of the full database with a filter function at the top. When you have decided which slides to take out on loan use the request Form below.

N.B. If the database is under heavy use it may return an error. Please wait about a minute and either refresh the page, using your browsers page reload button, or close the window and click your chosen link from this page again. The database works with Internet Explorer but will work with other browsers although reloading the page reloading maybe required.


These will open in another window/tab.

Database without Diagnosis (Opens in a new tab)

Database with Diagnosis (Opens in a new tab)

Request Form

Please Fill in ALL fields so we can process your request. You must be a member/trainee registered with the ECVP to be able to use this facility. Please include the Slide numbers you require separated by a comma i.e. “,” .Slides will not be sent during December due to increased risk of loss/damage.

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Last Updated: July 15th, 2019