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July 2008

Cow, Rib: Schwannoma

Animal: Frisian Cattle, 4 years old

History: No clinical sings were observed. The animal was sent to the slaughter house and several tumoral masses were identified along the caudal edge of the ribs. The tumoral masses were 2-5 cm of diameter, withe and with a firm consistence.

Histopathology: The tumor mass was a solid proliferation of interlacing fascicles of fusiform cells. The cells had not well defined cytoplasmic borders and were embedded in an amorphous matyrix with small collagen fibers. Mitotic figures were sparce and always homotypic. The big picture represents an “onion bulb-like” structure frecuently associated with this kind of tumors.

Diagnosis: Bening peripheral nerve sheath tumor, Schwannoma.

Author: José María Nieto Martínez.

Departamento de Ciencias Clínicas Veterinarias.

Facultad de Veterinaria de Lugo. E-27002 Spain