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Monique Wyers obituary

Dear Colleague,

It is with great sadness that we were informed that Monique Wyers, former Professor in Veterinary Pathology at ONIRIS (National Veterinary and Agri-food School, Nantes, France) passed away end of September.

I had the privilege to meet Monique first during my veterinary pathology residency in the late 90’s.

Since our first encounter, I have always been impressed by her charism and reputation among the profession, not only in France but also worldwide.

Beyond the multiple achievements during her remarkable career (publications, College creation and support, development and expansion of the Veterinary pathology department in Nantes…), my memories refer more to her untiring efforts to support our European College and our exam.

She established a pillar training program in Nantes, for residents but also colleagues already working in the field, whatever their nationality, in order to take and pass our European Board Exam.

This remains an incredible experience from my personal perspective. I already worked in the industry in 2004 when I had the opportunity to prepare the exam. I then came to Nantes once a month to prepare it. The training quality and mock exams prepared by Monique and her colleagues were unique and decisive to my eventual board exam passing in 2006.

In fact, it was as if I was still a resident at this time: local hosting, positive atmosphere, students’ spirit and timely support you need in such circumstances. Monique’s capability and energy to motivate her “trainees”, giving advice when it was necessary, was definitely critical to the success from many of us.

Monique also had a strong character. I still remember her call when I passed “only” 4 out of 5 parts on my first attempt! Whereas I was quite relieved with this result, Monique was not so pleased from her side but eventually congratulated me… This was the right way to convince me even more to complete the exam, passing the year after.

Monique leaves a large community inspired by her example and grateful for having known her.

ECVP President

Pierre Maliver