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 ECVP exam 2021 important information 
The next certifying ECVP examination will be held at multiple sites on Europe simultaneously on 14 to 16 June 2021. Candidates have been informed about the different venues.

Please be reminded that withdrawal from the 2021 examination at any time up to the examination date will not be considered an attempt or failure to sit all or any section(s) of the exam. It will not count as one of the years for which repeat candidates are eligible to pass any previously failed section(s). In case of withdrawal, the ECVP will, at the candidates’ direction, either refund or transfer all 2021 registration fees to the 2022 examination.




As of the 2020 Examination, the Veterinary Pathology minor item of Laboratory Animals will be modified to better reflect the current professional context in which comparative pathologists work. The main change will be the inclusion of animal models of human diseases and the distribution of topics will become:

  • 40% Non-infectious spontaneous background pathology of laboratory animals,
  • 20% Infectious diseases of laboratory animal species
  • 40% Pathology of specific animal models of human diseases (transgenic, experimental, infectious…).

Accordingly, the reading list will be updated as reported here


Beginning with and including the 2020 Examination, the Veterinary Pathology minor item of Fish has been discontinued and hence will no longer be an option for candidates. Fish pathology cases will still be included in the Histology and/or Gross sections as appropriate.


Due to a fact that only occasional candidates have chosen toxicological pathology this has been omitted as a part of the veterinary pathology section in the ECVP examination from the examination 2018 onward.

Revised application documents will be soon uploaded

Deadline for Applications

Completed original application forms, accompanied by the examination fee of 600 Euros, must be sent to:

ECVP Office, 269 Mesogeion Avenue, Chalandri, Athens- Attica, 152 31 GR.

All applications must be received (postmarked) by 1st AUGUST of the preceding year (i.e. 1st August 2019 for the 2020 examination.)


Last Updated: April 16th, 2021