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November 2021

Animal: Canine

Organ: Nasal turbinates

History: Nasal biopsy submitted without case history. Fungal culture was positive for Aspergillus spp.

Histopathological findings: A moderate number of bony trabeculae predominantly with irregular margins and empty osteocyte lacunae (necrotic spicules) are admixed with aggregates of numerous inflammatory cells in which viable and degenerate neutrophils and macrophages are most readily identified in variable proportion and admixed with variable amounts of polymerized eosinophilic material (fibrin). Multifocally necrotic spicules of bone are overlain by mats of hyphae, admixed with variable amounts of granular material, debris and vaguely brown conidiophores measuring up to 35 µm and conidia up to 2-3 µm. Hyphae are hyaline, septate and parallel walled with acute angled dichotomous branching.

Diagnosis: Nasal biopsy: Rhinitis, pyogranulomatous and necrotizing, diffuse, severe, chronic with severe bone necrosis with associated multifocal large mats of hyphae and conidiophores consistent with Aspergillus spp.

Contributor: Gail Chapman and Veronica Patton, Veterinary Diagnostic Services, University of Glasgow, Scotland.