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October 2006

Horse aorta: Verminous aortitis, Strongylus vulgaris

Detailed information.

Animal: Equine, adult, Spanish horse, female

Organ: Aorta

History: Presented to the hospital with dyspnoea, colic syndrome and hyperthermia. Died despite treatment.

Autopsy findings: Multiple hemorrhages at the small and large intestinal serosa and colonic ulcers. Acute laryngitis, tracheitis and multifocal to coalescing pleural hemorrhages with pulmonary congestion. Multiple subcutaneous, muscular and perilaringeal hemorrhages. Verminous aortitis and arteritis.

Diagnosis: Acute hemorrhagic endarteritis (aortitis) with intralesional parasite. Verminous arteritis (aortitis) , Strongylus vulgaris.

In this case, the finding of the parasite was incidental and the most likely cause of death was a septicemic process with generalized DIC and thrombosis of laryngeal origin. Microbiological studies were performed but showed no relevant isolations.

Necropsy performed by: Lluís Luján, Eider Salazar and Iván Galindo.

Photo by: Lluís Luján