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Re-registration and CPD requirements

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) requires each European College to administer the procedures for evaluating CPD of its members.

As stated in the Policies IIA article 13 and 11H of the EBVS, a standard procedure has to exist in each College in which prerequisites for re-evaluation of the Diplomates for membership of the College are described. This re-evaluation has to be done under the responsibility of the College. This standard procedure is performed according to a credit point system. Appendix 7 of the EBVS Policies and Procedures gives guideline figures for acceptable re-evaluation criteria and credit point system:

The first EBVS criterion is a 100 point credit system:

*Publications or published work


*Attendance of congresses/meetings

*Involvement in College activities

*Other boards or committees

For each item a maximum number of points can be given. A total minimum number of points have to be collected during a five year period. While each College has its own responsibility in creating such a credit point system, it has to be approved by the EBVS.

The second EBVS criterion for re-registration concerns the time spent in the specialism as more than or equal to 50 % of the official working time (i.e. more than 800 hours a year).

AGM attendance at least once in three years is  essential for re-registration.


Based on the above EBVS policies, ECVP had developed a college-specific re-evaluation system, with the following activities esteemed as CPD.

Area 1: Publications or published works related to veterinary pathology
Area 2: Presentations/communications
Area 3: Attendance of congresses/meetings
Area 4: Involvement in ECVP activities
Area 5: Other boards and committees


At the end of each fifth year the respective active ECVP member is contacted by the ECVP Office to submit his/her personal record indicating the CPD efforts during the last five years, using the Re-Registration form. A statement regarding working time spent in the specialism is also requested. The form must be returned to the ECVP Office by the given deadline.

The CPD efforts are then evaluted by the CPD Committee which will decide whether the criteria for re-registration are met. In case of any queries, the respective ECVP member is contacted by the CPD Committee. At the end of the evaluation procedure, the respective member is notified by the ECVP Secretary (via the ECVP Office) of the outcome of his/her application for re-registration.


If an active member does not fulfil the criteria for continuation of the registration as a qualified veterinary pathologist, this has to result in loss of the registration as an active veterinary pathologist and will place him/her in a retired member status. Restrictions and benefits that title implies are defined within Article 5 of the constitution.

Please note that the ECVP Constitution states as follow:

Non-Certified Diplomate: A person who has been an active member (Diplomate) and does currently not practice and/or has not fulfilled the requirements for the re-registration procedure and/or has not attended an ECVP Annual General Meeting (AGM) for three (3) consecutive years without previous dispensation from the College. Non-Certified Diplomates shall have all the privileges of membership except the right to vote or hold office and shall not be required to pay dues. Non-Certified Diplomate status does not confer the right to act as a specialist in veterinary pathology. A Non-Certified Diplomate is not permitted to use the title European Specialist or Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (DiplECVP) but may use the title Diplomate (Non-Certified).

The status is revocable, should the person fulfil the requirements for re-registration and attendance at the AGM, and apply for re-instatement of active membership, or should the person wish to retire.
A fee (100Euros) will have to be paid to regain the status of certified Diplomate.

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Last Updated: September 22nd, 2022