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Residents’ Committee

The role of the Residents’ Committee is to advise and support ECVP residents on matters relating to ECVP training programs and exam preparation. The Residents’ Committee focuses on the residents and any queries they may have during their residency training.

Any ECVP resident requiring advice can submit a query to the ECVP Residents’ Committee:

  • The resident completes a ‘Query Form’
  • The Query Form is linked directly to the Ombudsperson email address. A copy is automatically sent to the administrative assistant of the ECVP.
  • The resident will receive an automatic response from the ECVP administrator or the Ombudsperson: “We have received your mail and will get back to you as soon as possible”.
  • The Ombudsperson will collect all the information that is needed and share the query with the Residents’ committee and Council by email, while keeping personal information confidential.
  • The Residents’ Committee will meet and discuss possible strategies and actions to solve the issue.
  • The Residents’ Committee will take measures/actions according with the query.
  • Implemented actions will be summarized in a letter of response which should be finalized and approved by the Residents’ Committee.
  • The answer will be sent by the Ombudsperson to the resident directly.

Residents Query Form

The Residents’ Committee also offers advice to exam candidates who fail sections of, or the entire exam for the second time as an option to discuss their exam strategy.

The exam candidate should send an email to the ECVP Office or use the Query request form if they would like to go ahead with a discussion.

The Councillors of the Residents’ Committee get in touch with the candidate to arrange a date for the discussion.


Last Updated: July 11th, 2022