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Search for Associate Editors of Veterinary Pathology

Search for Associate Editors of Veterinary Pathology, for the journal sections:
• Domestic Animals
• Clinical Pathology

The American, European and Japanese Colleges of Veterinary Pathologists are seeking Associate Editors for the “Domestic Animals” and “Clinical Pathology” sections of the journal Veterinary Pathology. Veterinary Pathology is an important resource for veterinarians and researchers, and is an essential continuing education tool for veterinary pathologists.


The qualified candidate will be a Diplomate of the ACVP, ECVP or JCVP with experience in scientific publishing and peer-review, and expertise in the context of the relevant journal section as follows:
The Associate Editor for “Domestic Animals” mainly deals with manuscripts involving natural diseases and observational studies involving domestic mammals and poultry.
The Associate Editor for “Clinical Pathology” mainly deals with manuscripts focused on clinical pathology including observational/diagnostic studies as well as mechanistic/experimental studies.


The Associate Editor will be responsible for:
• Developing and growing this section of the journal, including active recruitment of new content
• Processing manuscripts, including inviting peer reviewers and making decisions on suitability of manuscripts for publication (this is done in collaboration with other editorial staff of the journal)
• Ensuring that manuscripts are scientifically valid and clearly communicated, including editing manuscripts for scientific content
• Participating in discussions among the journal’s editorial team.

Term of Appointment:

The term of appointment is four years. It is a volunteer position, not a paid position. The estimated commitment would not exceed 0.05 to 0.10 FTE (i.e. 5-10% of a full-time position).

Application Process:

The deadline for applications or nominations is 1 February 2020 or until a suitable candidate is identified. Please submit:
• A cover letter
• A curriculum vitae
• A list of articles you have published in peer-reviewed journals, with a brief description of your role in each article/study
• A description of your experience in peer review of scientific manuscripts

Application or nominations should be sent to:

Amy Overby, Executive Director ACVP, 2424 American Lane, Madison, WI 53704 USA aoverby@acvp.org