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The Council


President:  Dr Pierre Maliver, Basel, Switzerland 

Vice President:  Prof Laura Peña, University of Madrid, Spain

Secretary: Dr Annabelle Heier, Germany

Treasurer: Dr Koen Chiers, Ghent University , Belgium

Examination Committee Chair: Dr Alexandre Bidaut, France (Chair)


Dr Kerstin Baiker, University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Valentina Zappulli, University of Padova, Italy

Dr Kai-Inge Lie, Oslo, Norway

Past-President:  Prof Anja Kipar, University of Zurich, Switzerland

According to the ECVP constitution there also:

  • Examination Committee, responsible for the ECVP Diplomate examination.
  • Nominating Committee, responsible for administering nominations for Council.
  • Applications Committee, responsible for administering applications for the ECVP Diplomate examination and approved residency training programs.
  • Education Committee, responsible for facilitating suitable training and education events.
  • CPD re-registration Committee, responsible for administering the re-registration process for Diplomates
Examinations Committee 2020 Exam

Alexandre Bidaut, France (Chair)

Giancarlo Avallone, Italy

James Baily, UK

Andreas Beineke, Germany

Edouard Reyes Gomez, France

Judith Van den Brand, The Netherlands

Roberta Rasotto, UK

Anna Domenech, Spain

Richard Blundell, UK

Exam Proctors (Associates) 2020 Exam

Gabrita De Zan, Italy

Raoul Kuiper, Sweden

Charline Alleaume, Switzerland

If you are interested in becoming an Associate during the ECVP Examination read this document:

  Becoming an Associate (66.4 KiB, 2,732 hits)

The Council of the College can be contacted by email via the ECVP Office


Last Updated: July 30th, 2019