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Trainee Registration

Training in veterinary pathology leading to eligibility to sit the ECVP certifying examination must be undertaken in an ECVP registered residency training centre or in an established residency training centre outside Europe and must be under the supervision of a Diplomate of the ECVP or ACVP.

For eligibility to sit the exam following the normal route (3 years of training), a candidate must be officially registered as a trainee with the ECVP council within 12 months of starting his/her postgraduate training in veterinary pathology. Registration of the trainee with the ECVP council is the responsibility of the Programme Director. The Council will accept the trainee after consultation with the Applications Committee.

Some training centres are recognised under the condition that they co-train with other ECVP recognised residency training centres to provide a training fulfilling all requirements of the ECVP.  Programme Directors of those training centres must provide a training plan for their trainees upon registration.

The aim of the registration is:

  1. to provide a mutual flow of information regarding the Summer School in Veterinary Pathology including a mini-mock exam organised by the ECVP/ESVP (first year 2003) and present other preparation possibilities for the exam by providing information on local, regional, national and international educational events taking place for examination candidates, and;
  2. to establish a useful tool to follow the training programme of trainees and future candidates for the Board Examination.

The number of registered trainees and future candidates for the Board Examination will also be given to the European Board of Veterinary Specialization which requires this information from all its Colleges. However, being registered does not put any formal pressure on the registered colleagues to have to take part at the Summer Schools or to have to take the Board Examination.

Training towards the ECVP Diploma is organised through the ECVP in registered residency training programmes.  For information on residency training in general, see our guidance notes.

Programme Directors who wish to register a trainee should complete the form below and  submit to the ECVP Office.  Please note that forms submitted by the trainee will not be accepted.

Please fill the Trainee Registration Form

ECVP Office , c/o Bernadeta Kieromin

You can find more details of existing Registered Residency Training Centres.


Last Updated: October 13th, 2021