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January 2008

Dog Bladder: Urinary Bladder Leiomyosarcoma

Detailed information.

Clinical history: 7 years old, spayed female rottweiler. On june, she started with urinary incontinence mainly during the time she was sleeping. The blood work and chemical analysis (ap, bun, creatinine and glucose) were at the normal values. Treated with good improved. Four months later. It became with increase urinations with blood, and bad odor. An us examination ; a mass in the urinary bladder was observed, the owner elected the euthanized, and the veterinarian did the necropsy sending the entire urinary bladder for pathological examination.

Grossly: at cut surface the entire lumen was occupied by a relatively soft mass, no completely adhered to the mucosa.

Cytological examination: several scraping samples were taking and staining with giemsa. Scarcely few elongated cells with little cytoplasm were observed. The nuclei showed a similar aspect with small nucleolus.

Microscopic examination: a long streams of spindle cells arrange in broad interlacing fascicles growing in a rich matrix tissue with indistinguishable cytoplasmic borders are presented. The nuclei were elongated with a cigar shape with a very small nucleolus. The tumor cells were positive with masson staining.

Diagnosis: urinary bladder leiomyosarcoma.

Editor: José María Nieto Martínez