The European College of Veterinary Pathologists was established in 1995 to advance veterinary pathology and promote high standards within the specialty in Europe. The European College of Veterinary Pathologists represents an organised effort to establish criteria for training and experience to qualify as a specialist in veterinary pathology. The organisation encourages veterinarians entering veterinary pathology to acquire training and competence based on approved standards.

Features of our site includes lists of National and International continuing education programmes, meetings and courses; practice mock examinations and training cases as well as information on the organisation of the college, its affiliates and inclusion of a discussion forum for trainees.

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  • Hot off the press: European Forensic Veterinary Pathology Comes of Age

    Hot off the press: European Forensic Veterinary Pathology Comes of Age

    The CFVP Steering Group just published a commentary about the increasing importance of forensic veterinary pathology in Europe. Please find the full article on website of the Journal of Comparative Pathology: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0021997520300955 Find here more […]

  • Innovation and new technologies Taskforce : Mission & Webinars

    Innovation and new technologies Taskforce : Mission & Webinars

    Upcoming webinars   Τhe task force mission Accelerate the transition to veterinary pathologist 2.0 Getting new generations of veterinary pathologists “digitally” ready Increase the exchange between pathologists and other specialists working with digital pathology (hardware […]

  • Important notice: ECVP Exam 2021

    Important notice: ECVP Exam 2021

    After careful consideration by the Examination Committee and the ECVP Council, considering the difficulties in exam preparations and residents training due to the COVID-19 pandemic, withdrawal from the 2021 examination at any time up to […]


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  • Examination 2020 – Results Summary

    Examination 2020 – Results Summary

    The exam took place in Ghent, Belgium on February 10th-12 th, 2020. There were 39 candidates from all over Europe: – 21 new candidates (19 in full exam format and 2 in split exam format) […]

  • New Diplomates 2020

    New Diplomates 2020

    The ECVP Council and Examination Committee are delighted to announce the following new ECVP diplomates, who have been successful in the recent ECVP qualifying examination held in Ghent, Belgium in February 2020. The formal award […]

  • Exam Examples & Eligibility

    Exam Examples & Eligibility

    We’ve put together new information about the exam to make it more transparent  and also added some examples from each section.   Please visit our dedicated pages listed below: Exam application – check your eligibility […]