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April 2008

Dog, Kidney: Glomerular amyloidosis. Congo Red Stain

Detailed information.

History: Dog, 11 years, the animal was sent to the necropsy room diagnosed as uraemic dog.

Autopsy findings: The Necropsy revealed several signs of uraemia such as: Ulcerative and hemorrhagic stomatitis and gastritis and pulmonary edema; the kidneys were normal in size with a discrete orange color.

Histopathology, kidney: The normal glomerular architecture has been replaced by an acelular, homogeneous, and eosinphilic material deposited mainly in the mesangium but in the glomerular filtration barrier too. The Congo Red stain revealed that the nature of this material is amyloid.

Diagnosis: Glomerular amyloidosis. Congo Red Stain

Photo by: José María Nieto (editor)