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July 2006

Dog, Doberman Pinscher: Ligneous Conjunctivitis

Detailed information.

Animal: Dog, Doberman Pinscher, 9 yr old male.

Organ: Nictitating Membrane (PAS stain)

History: Chronic nictitans membrane swelling with mucopurulent occular discharge and episcleral vasular hyperaemia.

Histological findings: Three sections were composed of an accumulation of smooth hyaline extracellular material covered by conjunctival mucosa. Within the pools of extracellular of PAS positive material there were multiple focal accumulations of plasma cells and lymphocytes.


Conjunctiva: Presumptive ligneous conjunctivitis.


The findings in this unusual case are highly reminiscent of an entity reported in Dobermans. (Reference JAAHA 1996, volume 32, page 439. Title: Ligneous Conjunctivitis in Four Doberman Pinschers – Author: Ramsey DT et al). This uncommon condition is breed specific and resembles the eponymous human condition. The condition described in this reference is bilateral but it was not clear in this case wether this was a bilateral condition.

Photo by: Richard Fox