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March 2008

Cat, Kidney: Perirenal pseudocyst

Detailed Information

Animal: Cat, 1 year, European domestic shorthair, neutered male

Organ: Kidney

Diagnosis: Cat, Kidney: Perirenal pseudocyst.

History: The animal presented abdominal distention and polyuria and concurrent polydypsia. There was no history of recent trauma or previous urinary tract obstruction or renal failure. Anaemia (HCT 25%), azotemia (BUN 50.8 mg/dl and creatinine 2.9 mg/dl), proteinuria and urine specific gravity of 1.018. An abdominal ultrasound examination demonstrated in both sides an anechoic fluid-filled sac surrounding an eccentrically located kidney. was carried out. The fluid obtained by means ultrasound-guided paracentesis was consistent with modified transudated (a clear, light and straw-coloured fluid with specific gravity 1.010 and total protein 2.2 g/dl). 500 ml of a pseudohemorragic fluid was collected of each pseudocysts The owners declined further treatment and the patient was euthanatized.

Autopsy findings: The abdomen was distended. Two large smooth masses were observed, the position and shape of the masses were consistent with bilaterally enlarged kidneys. When we opened it we observed a large pseudohemorragic fluid-filled cyst surrounding every kidney attached to the renal hilus. Histological classification of this type of lesion as a pseudocyst was based on the absence of an epithelial lining to the cyst wall.

Perirenal pseudocyst have been reported in the veterinary literature, and several retrospectives studies and single cases have been published.

Photo by: Mónica López Peña. Facultad de Veterinaria

Editor: José María Nieto