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Μarch 2021


Animal: Pig (Sus scrofa), adult, female

Organ: Liver

History: The euthanized sow was submitted to necropsy to determine the causes of sow and piglet mortality in the stable.

Autopsy findings: The liver was diffusely swollen and friable with a prominent zonal architecture and diffuse, distinct grey-beige to yellowish discoloration of centrilobular and midzonal areas of the hepatic lobuli. There were extensive ulcerations in the gastric pars non-glandularis and a moderate ascites.

Diagnosis: Liver, severe, diffuse, centrilobular to midzonal hepatic lipidosis (Etiology: suspected mycotoxicosis)

Necropsy and photo performed by: Jan Schinköthe, Institute of Veterinary Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Leipzig University, Germany