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May 2007

Bovine, liver: Periacinar necroses due to anaemia caused by lice.

Detailed information.

Animal: Bovine, female, 3 months old, Norwegian Red

Organ: Liver

History: Calf with stunted growth and heavy infestation of sucking lice submitted to the clinic due to acute respiratory distress. Gross findings included lice infestation, pneumonia, abnormal contents of the fore-stomachs and general pallor of the carcass including a pale yellowish liver.

Histological description: In periacinar areas of the liver lobules there are necrotic and vacuolated (fatty) hepatocytes, while normal looking hepatocytes are restricted to a narrow periportal zone.

Diagnosis: Necrosis, periacinar, liver

Necropsy performed by: Kai-Inge Lie, Oslo, Norway.

Photo by: Kai-Inge Lie