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November 2022

Animal: Adult, 12-year-old Saanen goat

Organ: Uterus

Diagnosis: Hydrometra, uterus

Findings: The uterus is filled with thin aseptic fluid, and depending on the hydration properties of the mucin, the fluid can be more viscous (i.e., mucometra).

Comments: Prolonged exposure to progesterone coming from a persistent corpus luteum is a known cause. The accumulation of fluid can also be secondary to a distal luminal obstruction at the level of the uterine corpus, cervix, or vagina (congenital or acquired). Genetic influences on hydrometra in dairy goats is also investigated. A concurrent change is the development of endometrial hyperplasia and pyometra is a possible sequela. The incidence of hydrometra is higher in older goats

Contributor: Nermin Caliskan, Animal health lab Flanders (DGZ Vlaanderen), BELGIUM


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