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September 2007

Horse, small intestines: Torsion with venous infarction.

Detailed information. Diagnosis: Horse, small intestines: Torsion with venous infarction

Animal: Horse, 4 months, thoroughbred, female

Organ: Small intestines

History: The foal was treated with Banminth vet. ® (Pfizer Inc., New York, USA) against intestinal parasites. In the evening of the same day the animal developed abdominal distension with clinical signs consistent with severe pain. It was treated by the local veterinarian and transported to the equine clinic at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. The day after it was euthanized due to a pessimistic prognosis.

Autopsy findings: Briefly, the abdomen was distended and on opening the abdominal wall, the small intestines were found to have a blue-black discolouration. Most of the small intestines were turned 720 degrees around an axis going through the mesenteric attachment. The duodenum was twisted about 20 cm aborally to the pylorus and the ileum was twisted approximately 20 cm orally to the ileocaecal orifice. The oral segments of the small intestines were filled with tight bundles of nematodes. The peritoneum was diffusely inflamed.

Diagnosis: Small intestines: Torsion with venous infarction, equine.

Necropsy performed by: Professor Thor Landsverk, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, Norway.

Photo by: Professor Thor Landsverk.