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September 2009

Tiger, lens, cataract, mature to hypermature, posterior

Detailed Information

Diagnosis: Tiger, lens, cataract, mature to hypermature, posterior

Animal: Panthera tigris, 19 years, male.

Organ: lens

History: The captive tiger showed bilateral lenticular opacity for several years. One year prior death the animal loosed weight and displayed a poor general condition with progressive depression, anorexia and recumbency. Due to a poor prognosis the tiger was euthanized and submitted to necropsy.

Macroscopical findings: Both lenses displayed degeneration and white discoloration with a circular white wrinkling on the posterior pole (A). Cross section revealed a lenticular degeneration, which extended from the posterior pole to the equator of the lens (B).

Histopathological findings: Both lenses showed a severe degeneration and liquefaction of lens fibers with sclerosis and an eccentric nucleus. Dystrophic mineralization as well as Morgagnian globules and a slight posterior migration of lens epithelium were visible.

Comment: Further necropsy findings included multiple, mediastinal and metastizing mesotheliomas with serous pleural effusion. In addition, chronic lymphocytic interstitial nephritis, bilateral parathyroidal hyperplasia as well as metastatic mineralizations were observed.

Diagnosis: lens, cataract, mature to hypermature, posterior

Necropsy performed by: Vanessa Herder, Department of Pathology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany

Photo by: Vanessa Herder, Andreas Beineke